2 months

Wow, our little Libby is 2 months old today!  2 whole months since she flipped our lives upside down!  It’s been one hell of a journey….but one we wouldn’t change for the world (yep, even the meltdowns).  I’ve learned a few things that you don’t ordinarily learn about on the web….little nuggets you’re not told about!


Everyone talks about how lovely babies smell….”oooo they have that lovely new baby smell”.  Yep, not Libby.  She mostly smells of sick.  And if she doesn’t smell of sick, she smells of rancid farts!  I never realised how smelly such a little person could be.  Her bum wiffs…I’ve had to apologise for it!  I’m sure people think its me and I’m just blaming the baby!  Nope, I assure you she farts like a grown man (both smell ad sound).

Poop Rainbow

So here it is, poop goes through a varying degree of colours.  They start off black, then green like Pesto, then chicken korma.  And various consistencies.  We’ve had the pesto, watery poop that needed to be caught in a nappy and she needed to be changed vertically.  And then the korma, walnut whips.  Everyone tells you that your baby will crap for Britain and you’ll be changing shitty nappies every 5 minutes.  No-one tells you that your breastfed baby might not shit…we’re this end of the spectrum.  Yep, every 10 days for our Libby.  And when she does go, it’s 10 days worth and keeps coming, and coming and coming!  Yep, I’ve been full on sharted on, just as we’re leaving the house!  Grim!

Shart 💩

Bloody vomit

Yes, our wee one loves a good old chunder!  She definately hasn’t got her father’s iron stomach but she does have her dad’s appetite.  She guzzles until she’s sick (or to give it it’s proper title, possetting). So we’d had the health visitor around one day, doing all the checks.  They are pleased breast feeding is going well.  As they leave, Libby feeds and it’s a wee bit sore.  Then she vomits….not just the normal milk but full of blood.  Of course I’m absolutely panic stricken that I’ve broken my baby and ring the hospital.  They’ve obviously heard it many a time and tell me that it’s my nipples bleeding.  Honest, it was like a blood bath, Libby wasn’t phased though!!  Thankfully, with support from the Breastfeeding consultants, we’ve not been through that again and I’m loving breastfeeding.

Milking a cow

I’m not shy about breast feeding.  I’ll happily feed anywhere – this has included in front of my godson.  So I’m happily feeding Libby whilst he’s patiently waiting to cuddle her, sat next to me.  Then the questions start:

J: How is Libby getting her food?

Me: From my boobie, she has milk

J: Can I give her milk?

Me: Erm, no, just girls can make milk and only if they’ve had a baby

J: Really – so how does it come out?

Me: Well you know how cows have udders, my boobies are like udders and milk comes out of them.  I also have a special machine that milks my udders!

*cue lots of giggles and cries of eeeewwwwww*. Don’t you just love kids!

Babies sense of smell

Babies have an incredible sense of smell.  Not that anyone has ever scientifically proved this but I can tell you for a fact it’s true.  How do I know?  Well, you can absolutely guarantee that as soon as dinner is served, a once deep sleeping Libby will wake up and shreik like the world is going to end.  I’ve definitely got used to tepid dinners and cold brews.  I didn’t quite believe people when they said you’ll never enjoy a warm brew again.  I’ve actually become quite accustomed to a cold brew.  Most of the time it’s not because the wee one is playing up, it’s because my baby brain forgets I’ve got one!  DOH!

6 week devil

We’ve been super lucky and have a placid, content little girl.  We absolutely believe that hypnobirthing is the reason why.  Everyone comments on how chilled she is.  But at 6 weeks old, we had the devil on our hands.  You’re not told that your little one will change overnight and learn to properly cry and completely meltdown at nothing.  It came as a bit of a shock and I won’t lie, I had a few meltdowns too.  If your baby is a crier from the start then you deal with it and become able to cope.  It was completely new to us and no matter what we did some nights, she just wasn’t happy.  I hated myself for the times I got cross and upset.  I had to walk out of the room and leave Scott to deal with it.  I hated that Libby was all we’d ever wanted and now I was getting angry with her.  Angry I didn’t know what was wrong.  Sometimes it was just something as simple as her not wanting her pants on…other times we didn’t know what was wrong and just kept on trying to please her until she’d exhausted herself crying.  Thankfully these days are rare!

Our little princess is now getting to that nice stage where she recognises mummy and daddy and smiles and chats to us.  We had FaceTime with daddy for the first time tonight and she was absolutely glued to the screen watching him.  Every day is precious and I think of the journey we’ve had to get her and it makes every moment even more precious.  I do often think about the babies before.  Would Libby have had older siblings, how would she have been being the little sister.  But then I think of how very fortunate we are to have her.  She was the perfect one we got to keep and I absolutely wouldn’t change it for the world.  He journey made us who we are and the parents we have become for her.