Postcode lottery

So it appears I have now become a victim of the so called NHS postcode lottery. I couldn’t be more angry and frustrated about it!

So as any wannabe parents will tell you, you do your best to get the right start for your babies. For us that meant relocating to Cheshire.  We’re near family, we have top class schools on our doorstep and the great outdoors. We want the best start we can give our family. But this it seems, might be our downfall and potentially wreck our chances of becoming parents. I’ll explain….

Before we moved, little did I know that we would be entitled to 3 rounds of IVF should we need it. When we moved and talk of IVF was apparent I of course did my research. Turns out that I could still get 3 rounds. Phew!! But of course, with us there’s a twist, another dagger in the heart let’s call it! 

So last week I’d been keeping an eye on posts in the St Marys IVF Facebook group. Women were talking about delays and moving their NHS funded treatment over to CARE manchester. I did some research and for us they are a better service. Not only do you get the bog standard IVF, you also get a test thrown in that significantly reduces the risk of miscarriage. Of course I wanted to join that party! So I wrote to my local CCG (the people who control the pennies) and asked to move. Unfortunately the move was not an option for us as they don’t have a contract with that company. Urgh, typical. But wait, there’s more….the email ended with “unfortunately our rules have recently changed regarding funded treatments so now you will only receive one”. What the actual f*ck! We’d gone from a position recommended by the Health ministers to a shitty position in no time. What makes it even more annoying is that the decision to reduce was decided the day after my referral was completed. Great. Fantastic! So now, not only have I had to battle doctors and the NHS just to get to the position we are at today, I’m now having to fight the people that make the decisions. 

It’s hard fighting so many battles, really hard! It exhausts you. It makes you feel like everyone is against us. 

It’s like someone up there really doesn’t want us to become parents!