24 weeks – my mental mini milestone!  I’ve made it!  We’ve got to the place we never thought we’d get to.  We now have a viable pregnancy!

Whilst the pressure isn’t completely off, I’m content that if anything starts early, our wee one will get care!  Granted it won’t be the easiest start in life for them but people will fight for them!

So this past week has been chaotic!  Stupidly we decided to replace the kitchen work tops, which in turn meant a lot of mess, a lot of cleaning and a very teary me (especially after 3 hours scrubbing)!  We then had tiling, then painting…..too much to take on at 6 months up the duff??  It certainly feels like it!  Time is running away and we’ve still got to get the little one’s room ready!

Due to my history I’d also had a scan and check up at the Rainbow clinic at St Mary’s.  Remember I mentioned the notch on my artery they were monitoring?  Well, it’s still there!  URGH!  He explained that everything was perfect with baby – a little 1lb 3oz bundle already and measuring perfect!  We heard the heartbeat too – such a reassurance.  We are booked in at 28 weeks for another growth scan to check all is developing well.

So, back to the notch.  Our consultant told us that he wasn’t overly worried about it because it was only on one side – my other side was perfect.  Had it been both, it would have been a worry.  He didn’t explain much more to us but we knew we were in the right place – this isn’t something they look at on normal scans.  Me being me, I had to know what it meant but remembered his “don’t Google” warning.  I decided that I’d look in the chat rooms rather than look for scientific information and see if anyone had had similar experiences.  Straight away I found a few threads talking about experiences.  It seems that this notch can restrict the little ones growth and monitoring growth with regular scans will tell them if baby needs to come out early.  I’d kind of guessed it was something like this, given who I was seeing and what he was looking at.  Some women shared upsetting experiences but they tended to be women who hadn’t known about the notch – thankfully we were in the right place.  I found advice other women had received so decided to put it into practice:

  1. Cut down on salt – easy….I could do that!
  2. Avoid stress and anything that can raise blood pressure
  3. Keep an eye on baby’s movements!
  4. 150mg baby aspirin (I’d been doing this from 8 weeks already)

Whilst it didn’t seem like much, I had a plan I could follow – I felt in control and like I was prepared and understood what I needed to do!  So that’s what I do….I particularly enjoy the kick counting.  The highlight is going to bed….Scott has a chat with his child “Hello X (X being name of baby – yep, this one is named now), it’s your daddy here…[insert waffle about his day or football news usually]”.

Our consultant also gave me magic tablets to help with the constant heartburn. I feel human again!!! And I can eat anything without having my aniseed gaviscon chaser afterwards!! 

We’ve seen the midwife again this week.  She was pleased that I was in good health – we heard the heartbeat again which was good – especially after a few days of cramping (seems that the little one was going through a growth spurt given my ever growing bump).

I’ve found a new found love for yoga too since the dreaded heartburn stopped! Prior to this I’d spend the class swallowing back acid whilst trying not to be sick doing the downward dog. Yoga has been great for my painful groin area too. And the breathing techniques are helping all the women who are leaving to have their babies! Seems I’m on to a winner with this!!

So we’re off for a relaxing family weekend away with the in laws for grandad (to be) Al’s 70th. Thankfully everyone is looking forwards to relaxing rather than hiking!! I’ll probably be banished from helping in anyway and wrapped in cotton wool. I don’t mind. I’m a bit limited with what I can do now. I’m fatter, get out of puff easier and struggle to bend down (everything squishes) – socks are going to be a challenge soon!! 

For now though I’m loving my growing little bump and trying to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy 💜

2 thoughts on “Viable!

  1. Margaret says:

    Hi Kerry this is fabulous news. I am so so pleased, take it easy and don’t stress that is sometimes difficult I know but you will be ok and so will bubs. Keep up the good work mumma, l look forward to hearing more, ,
    Love and best wishes. Margaret

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